"I'm going to take my toys and go home"!  Have you ever heard that or said it yourself?  Even as adults have you ever heard it or said it?  I know I have!  When things are not going the way that I want, I tend to withdraw and retreat.  Today we see more and more of this behavior and it isn't just in the world., it is in the Church also.  In my years as a Pastor, I have seen this just rip a church apart when we start packing up our toys and going home, instead of talkiing it out.  We need to be careful to not allow this type of attitude to take the place of the Holy Spirit.  I have learned that where two or more may gather there is going to be a difference of opinion.  It is just a fact.  Doesn't mean one is right and one is wrong, just different.  

Change is hard and when someone or something is introduced into our world that doesn't fit our mold we get nervous.  Jesus had a tendency to be such a force.  He was always pusing the status quo.  So why do I write this now?  Is Pastor Dan telling us that we are acting like children?  No, that isn't the intent of this message.

I write this because we are entering some unfamiliar territory as a church.  We are growing and in growing new and different things are happening.  Now if we embrace this fact and try to be patient as the Holy Spirit molds us into what we are to be, then greatness awaits us.  If we get mad and start to take our toys home, then we will surely destory the good work that is being done.  

Make no mistake Satan is going to push us to turn on each other.  As things grow and some things change, take a breath and pray.  Talk to one another, not at one another, and be willing to allow new things to happen.  God is in the process of taking us from something to something.  Will we join the journey or stay behing just because it is familiar?  Please join me in prayer as the Holy Spriit directs us into the future and let us love each other more than we love our way of doing things.



                                            Your Pastor and  Brother In Christ, Pastor Dan Johnson