The past several weeks have found me doing a bunch of visits to some really sick folks.  In my visits at different points the topic of death and dying has come up.  It really does get me down to watch people suffer in their earthly bodies and I usually leave those visits tearful.  Although I know who holds tomorrow, I still find myself wondering why people have to suffer so.

We just finished the season of Lent in which I wanted to serve communion at each service.  I wasn't sure why God put that on my heart, but now I understand.  Lent is a time in which I spend a lot of time contemplating God's love and grace.  For me nothing shows this love in a more tangible way than the Lord's supper.  So, I spent the week tearful and find myself recharged and hopeful on Sunday.  Communion puts love, grace and resurrection into perspective for me allowing me to hope once more.

I truly believe that those I'm visiting will be resurrected one day in newness.  Can you imagine going from ill, hurting and suffering to brand new?  I try; however, I know I have no clue!  I will continue to visit these folks and I will cry, but I know that one day this suffering will lead to Glory and newness!!  Then we will celebrate with them!


                                            Your  Brother In Christ, Pastor Dan Johnson