Bridgewater College was established in 1880 when a 26-year old student decided to start the Spring Creek Normal School and Collegiate Institute.  Daniel Christian Flory opened the school on September 6, 1880 with six students of which only one was female.  Bridgewater was the first private liberal arts college in Virginia to admit females.  In 1882, the college moved to Bridgewater, Virginia and the first class graduation was held on June 18, 1886.  The college officially became Bridgewater College in July, 1889 when chartered by the Commonwealth of Virginia to grant undergraduate degreees.


The oldest building on the current campus, Memorial Hall, opened in September, 1890.  The Memorial Bell is a longstanding tradition - rung on the first day of classes and on graduation day.  Athletic teams are allowed to ring the bell after victories.  The ringing of the bell signifies a moment of celebration the entire campus shares.


Founder's Day began in 1920 and is an annual celebration of the college's heritage, usually on the first Tuesday in April.  The day was chosen to honor D.C. Flory's birthday.    Crimson and gold were selected as the College colors in 1903 and first worn by the baseball team.  In 1923, "Eagles" was adopted as the name of the Bridgewater athletic teams.  


Bridgewater College has been a thriving liberal arts college offering undergraduate degrees in many fields. Please see our "Links" for directions to Bridgewater College's website.